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Chinese translation for "compton scattering"


Related Translations:
compton effect:  康普顿效应
compton process:  康普顿过程康普顿散射
compton recoil:  康普顿反冲
compton lump:  康普顿块
john compton:  翰康普约翰・康普顿
compton electron:  康普顿电子康普顿反冲电子
compton bennett:  坎普顿 班尼特
compton continuum:  康普顿连续统一体
compton edge:  康普顿边缘
compton medal:  康普顿奖章
Example Sentences:
1.Compton scattering can't be understood on the basis of classical electromagnetic theory .
2.Standard guide for x - ray compton scatter tomography
3.The double compton scattering and compton scattering produced two photons
4.First , the thesis discusses compton scattering energy spectral data simulation using monte carlo method
5.This thesis first stduies electron density imaging based on compton scattering energy spectral data
6.Collective radiation spectra of the resonant inverse compton scattering of the assembly of relativistic electrons in a variable magnetic field
7.The recoil angle of electron in compton scattering is incorrect in some text books , and the right sketching of compton scattering is presented
8.Compton scattering imaging is a radiation imaging technique that forms the image of an object by measuring compton scattering emitted from the object while it is irradiated
9.Due to the fact that the problem of reconstructing image from compton scattering energy spectral data is an ill - posed problem , any error or noise in the measurements will be amplified in the reconstruction results
10.Experimental basis of quantum physics : photoelectric effect , compton scattering , photons , franck - hertz experiment , the bohr atom , electron diffraction , de broglie waves , and wave - particle duality of matter and light
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