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Chinese translation for "compton recoil"


Related Translations:
compton effect:  康普顿效应
compton process:  康普顿过程康普顿散射
compton lump:  康普顿块
john compton:  翰康普约翰・康普顿
compton electron:  康普顿电子康普顿反冲电子
compton scattering:  康卜吞散射康普顿散射康普顿效应
compton bennett:  坎普顿 班尼特
compton continuum:  康普顿连续统一体
compton edge:  康普顿边缘
compton medal:  康普顿奖章
Example Sentences:
1.Measurements of compton recoil electron spectra caused by the gamma ray are detected by a nominal 5 . 08cm - diam 5 . 08cm - long bc - 501a scintillator detector
Bc - 501a液体闪烁探测器用于测量射线产生的康普顿反冲电子谱。
2.The way of compton recoil electron is used to measure the gamma - ray leakage spectra from iron spherical target assembly pulsed with 14 - mev d - t neutrons . the energy range of measured gamma - ray spectrum is 0 . 5 - 5mev
用康普顿反冲电子方法测量了14mev的d ? t中子穿透系列铁球的伴生射线泄漏能谱,能谱的能量范围为0 . 5 ? 5mev 。
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