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Chinese translation for "compton effect"


Related Translations:
compton process:  康普顿过程康普顿散射
compton recoil:  康普顿反冲
compton lump:  康普顿块
john compton:  翰康普约翰・康普顿
compton electron:  康普顿电子康普顿反冲电子
compton scattering:  康卜吞散射康普顿散射康普顿效应
compton bennett:  坎普顿 班尼特
compton continuum:  康普顿连续统一体
compton edge:  康普顿边缘
compton medal:  康普顿奖章
Example Sentences:
1.2 . 1 compton effect
2.This thesis mainly expounds how to found and explain photoelectric effect , and millikan ' s experiment on light quantum and compton effect on x - ray scattering . and it emphasize on einstein ' s work in 1905
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