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Chinese translation for "commemorative medal"


Related Translations:
commemorative:  adj.纪念(性)的。
commemorative column:  纪念柱
commemorative postmark:  纪念邮戳
commemorative coin:  纪念币
commemorative dividend:  纪念性股息
commemorative stamp:  纪念邮票
commemorative ceremony:  纪念仪式
commemorative party:  纪念宴会
commemorative stamps:  纪念邮票
Example Sentences:
1.All competitors are presented with commemorative medals
2.All competitors are presented with commemorative medals
3.All competitors participating in the olympic games receive a diploma and commemorative medals
4.At first , america ' s crew considered melting down their prize , valued at ? ? 100 ( 100 english pounds ) , to make commemorative medals of their victory
5.Eight people collaborate in the 10 - hour process to make each medal . some 1 , 026 medals will be made for the olympics , plus 648 paralympics medals and 35 , 000 commemorative medals
为本届冬奥会将制作1026枚奖牌,为本届残疾人奥运会将制作648枚残奥会奖牌,还将制作3 . 5万枚纪念章。
6.Tips : guests who order entrance tickets before november , will be presented with limited edition commemorative medals of children ' s hope designed by the famous artist , mr . zhang ermiao
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