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Chinese translation for "colloid chemistry"

colloidadj.,n. 胶质(的),胶体(的),胶态(的)。 chemistryn. 1.化学。 2.物质的组成和化学性质;化学作用[现 ...

Related Translations:
colloid:  adj.,n.胶质(的),胶体(的),胶态(的)。
chemistry:  n.1.化学。2.物质的组成和化学性质;化学作用[现象]。3.〔比喻〕神秘的变化(过程)。短语和例子medical chemistry 药物学。 organic [inorganic] chemistry 有机[无机]化学。 the chemistry of logic 逻辑过程。
quantum chemistry:  量子化学。quantumn. (pl. -ta ) 1.量,额;定量,定额;份; ...chemistryn. 1.化学。 2.物质的组成和化学性质;化学作用[现 ...
judicial chemistry:  法医化学。judicialadj. 1.司法的,审判上的。 2.审判员的;法官的; ...chemistryn. 1.化学。 2.物质的组成和化学性质;化学作用[现 ...
applied chemistry:  应用化学。appliedadj. 适用的,应用的,实用的 (opp. pure, ...chemistryn. 1.化学。 2.物质的组成和化学性质;化学作用[现 ...
analytic chemistry:  分析化学。analyticadj. 分解的,分析的。 The analytical ...chemistryn. 1.化学。 2.物质的组成和化学性质;化学作用[现 ...
tracer chemistry:  【化学】示踪化学。tracern. 追踪者;追踪物,示迹剂;描摹者;描图员;描记器;画 ...chemistryn. 1.化学。 2.物质的组成和化学性质;化学作用[现 ...
physical chemistry:  物理化学。
forensic chemistry:  法律化学,刑事侦破化学,化学破案术。
Example Sentences:
1.According to the principle of surface and colloid chemistry , the pore structure and characteristics of tight sand gas reservoir are analyzed
2.2 . a series of nanoparticles with different size can be obtained from just one reaction process based on the technology of time control and sampling in different phases as suggested by ostwald ripening theory in colloid chemistry . 3
2 .根据奥斯瓦尔德成熟理论( ostwaldripening ) ,采用时间控制、分段取样方法,能够在一次性生长过程中得到大小成系列分布的cds纳米量子点。
3.In this paper , the aqueous sol of sno2 ultrafme particles were prepared by the colloid chemistry method . here we found that the partical properties of sno2 was concerned with experimental parameters such as type of peptization acid , sn4 + concentration , peptization time , peptization temperature , ageing time et al
本文采用胶体化学法制备了sno _ 2纳米粒子水溶胶,细致研究了胶溶酸类型、 sn ~ ( 4 + )浓度、胶溶温度、胶溶时间、陈化时间等对纳米粒子性质的影响,并利用浸渍提拉法制备了sno _ 2超微粒子薄膜。
4.But in the forepassed research , the people all abstracted the colloid in the water as the sphericity and explained it by the known theory of the colloid chemistry . moreover some people modified the result by the grain coefficient in the derivation of theory . but this assume had more difference on the observed phenomena in the experiment , so it was not perfect in theoretical speaking
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