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Chinese translation for "coffee hour"


Related Translations:
coffee:  n. 咖啡(树、豆、粉或色)。 a cup of cof ...  detail>>
hour:  n. 1.小时,钟头。 2.时间,时刻。 3.一小时的行 ...  detail>>
irish coffee:  爱尔兰咖啡〔咖啡加威士忌和奶油的饮料〕。   detail>>
drip coffee:  (用渗漏咖啡壶煮的)渗漏咖啡。   detail>>
coffee lightener:  掺在咖啡里的人造牛奶。   detail>>
coffee shop:  咖啡店;(一般的)小餐馆。   detail>>
black coffee:  (不加牛奶和糖的)浓咖啡。   detail>>
coffee tavern:  (不卖酒的)小餐馆。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Also during the book exhibition , a large outdoor informational seminar entitled " love and peaceful mind coffee hour " was held . as the fragrant aroma of coffee filled the air , participants listened to a live performance of heavenly music while video documentaries guided them through a history of supreme master ching hai s worldwide peace efforts
书展期间也举办了一场爱与和平心灵tea party的大型户外发表会,让读者能在咖啡飘香中,聆听如天籁般悦耳的音乐现场演奏,并藉着影片共同进入清海无上师为和平奔走的历史轨迹中。
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