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Chinese translation for "cliff edges"

悬崖边cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...edgen. 1.刀口,(刀)刃;锋;端;锐利。 2.边,棱,边 ...

Related Translations:
cliffs:  克利夫斯cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...
cliff recession:  山崖侵蚀回退cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...recessionn. (占领地等的)交还。
cliff chipmunk:  崖花鼠cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...chipmunkn. 【动物;动物学】花栗鼠〔北美产〕。
cliff maker:  造崖层cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...makern. 1.制造者,制作人,制造商;创造者;出票人。 2. ...
cliff swallow:  崖燕。cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...swallowvt. 1.吞,咽 (down up in)。 2.轻信 ...
echo cliffs:  埃科崖echon. (pl. echoes) 1.回声,反响;共鸣,反 ...cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...
cliff coast:  峭壁海岸cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...coastn. 1.海岸;海滨。 2.〔美国〕(雪橇等的)滑下,下 ...
terrace cliff:  台地峭壁terracen. 1.台地,阶地,梯田;坛,坪;有花坛(等)的庭园。 ...cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...
fault cliff:  断层崖faultn. 1.过失,过错;罪过,责任。 2.缺点,缺陷,瑕疵 ...cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...
volcanic cliff:  火山崖volcanicadj. 1.火山(性)的;火山作用形成的,火成的。 2 ...cliffn. (海岸等的)峭壁,断崖,绝壁,悬岩。 walls ...
Example Sentences:
1.The cliff edge is dangerous and should be railed .
2.There was no danger of getting lost on this island--all he had to do was to follow the cliff edge until he came to lucy's cottage .
3.A good orchid tends to take root on a cliff edge
4.Avoid standing at the cliff edge or climbing onto rocks to take photos or admire the views
5.Flipping among imagery , topographic maps and reconnaissance scans , the editors tweaked the route to take tight turns the way a race driver would and to shy away from cliff edges
6.Perks , 35 , and another officer managed to get the distraught man on the ground , but he broke free and made a dash for the cliff edge . the constable threw himself after the man and managed to catch him on the way down with some clever acrobatics
7.Since 1976 it has been made great achievements which has conducted water more than 100 billion m3 and has been an important project of heilongjiang province . but recently the channel has been seriously freezing - melting eroded and sand of cliff edge has been deposited along the channel , which resulted to highten the channel bottom , increase width of the channel and reduce horse road . what all above have affected to apply safely channel so it is necessary to repair comprehensive
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