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Chinese translation for "cheese biscuit"


Related Translations:
prepared biscuit mixes:  调制好的饼干混合料
cheese:  n.1.干酪,乳酪;干酪状的东西。2.〔美俚〕重要人物;上品,珍品。3.【纺织;印染】筒子纱。4.〔学俚〕微笑。短语和例子green cheese 未熟干酪;绿皮干酪;(低级)乳清干酪。 bread and cheese 粗食;糊口之道。 chalk and cheese 形似而实非。 big [small] cheese 〔俚语〕伟大[渺小]的人。 get the che
cheese slicer:  干酪切片机
powdered cheese:  奶油起司起司粉
brie cheese:  法车布里干酪
vendome cheese:  文登干酪
cheese omelet:  果酱蛋卷乳酪蛋卷
rat cheese:  (工厂制造的)硬奶酪。
cheese machine:  干酪机
cheese rake:  干酪耙
Example Sentences:
1.Cookies , cream crackers , wafer biscuits , cheese biscuits , chocolate biscuits , puff biscuits
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