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Chinese translation for "cage animals"


Related Translations:
safety cage:  安全升降机安全室安全网罩安全罩护笼
cage pin:  保持架支柱
cage nuts:  四角多用途螺帽
cleaning cage:  清理滚筒
core cage:  活性区栅格
cage nut:  笼罩螺帽锁紧螺帽
winding cage:  提升罐笼
thoracic cage:  胸廓
staple cage:  喑井罐笼
clathrin cage:  网格蛋白笼
Example Sentences:
1.In fact , he loved animals so much that he would often buy caged animals at the market just to set them free
2.Bewildered , i felt like a caged animal , with unfamiliar faces staring at me all around . i quickly scanned the faces , hoping to find at least one welcoming smile
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