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Chinese translation for "cabriolet"

Example Sentences:
1.Hardtop - cabriolet body
2.As he was finishing , the sound of a cabriolet entering the yard was heard
3.I could not defer my pleasure , so i took a cabriolet and drove to the horse dealer s
4.The horse and cabriolet were concealed behind a small ruin , where morrel had often waited
5.They sent for a cabriolet . on entering the banker s mansion , they perceived the phaeton and servant of m . andrea cavalcanti
6.The same cabriolet which had brought villefort took them back at full speed , and at this moment morrel rapped at monte cristo s door
7.Beauchamp was breakfasting when he read the paragraph . he sent immediately for a cabriolet , and hastened to the publisher s office
8.He should have waited for me here with a cabriolet till half - past eleven ; it is twelve , and , tired of waiting , he must have gone on .
我们约定他的一辆轻便马车在这儿等到我十一点半。现在十二点了,他一定是等得不耐烦,先走了。 ”
9.Five minutes after , andrea left the hotel , completely disguised , took a cabriolet , and ordered the driver to take him to the cheval rouge , at picpus
10.Meanwhile m . de villefort arrived in a hired cabriolet at m . d avrigny s door . he rang so violently that the porter was alarmed . villefort ran up - stairs without saying a word
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