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Chinese translation for "cabinet minister"

Cabinet Minister =〔美国〕 cabinet member [officer] 阁员。
cabinetn. 1.〔常作 C-〕内阁;〔英国〕内阁会议(室);〔 ...ministern. 1.部长;阁员,大臣;〔pl.〕政府。 2.公使; ...

Related Translations:
cabinet:  n.1.〔常作 C-〕内阁;〔英国〕内阁会议(室);〔美国〕总统[州长、市长]顾问团。2.小房间,私室,密议室。3.陈列室;(矿物、生物、古钱币等)陈列品。4.饰架,珍品橱,柜,箱,盒;【物理学】(机)箱。5.【摄影】六英寸片。短语和例子a card cabinet卡片箱;(公用电话)收费箱。 a shadow cabinet(在野党领袖虚拟的)影子内阁。adj.1.内阁的
cabinet organ:  竖立式小风琴。cabinetn. 1.〔常作 C-〕内阁;〔英国〕内阁会议(室);〔 ...organn. 1.【音乐】(教堂用的)管风琴(=〔美国〕 pip ...
inner cabinet:  核心内阁。inneradj. (superl. innermost, inm ...cabinetn. 1.〔常作 C-〕内阁;〔英国〕内阁会议(室);〔 ...
japan cabinet:  漆饰五屉柜。japann. 1.日本漆;亮漆。 2.日本式漆器。 3.日本式物 ...cabinetn. 1.〔常作 C-〕内阁;〔英国〕内阁会议(室);〔 ...
cabinet crisis:  内阁(瓦解)危机。cabinetn. 1.〔常作 C-〕内阁;〔英国〕内阁会议(室);〔 ...crisisn. 1.危急关头,紧要关头;(政治、经济上的)危机,危 ...
cabinet photograph:  六英寸照片。cabinetn. 1.〔常作 C-〕内阁;〔英国〕内阁会议(室);〔 ...photographn. 1.照片,相片。 2.栩栩如生的描绘,逼真的印像。 ...
shadow cabinet:  1.〔英国〕(假拟的由在野党人士组成的)影子内阁。2.总统[首相]的智囊团。
cabinet pudding:  干果布丁。
cabinet piano:  (竖式)钢琴。cabinetn. 1.〔常作 C-〕内阁;〔英国〕内阁会议(室);〔 ...piano n. (pl. pianos) 钢琴;〔美俚〕囚犯工作席 ...
caretaker cabinet:  [government] (新内阁产生之前的)看守内阁[政府]。caretakern. 1.看管者,管理人,看守(人);〔美国〕看门的人, ...cabinetn. 1.〔常作 C-〕内阁;〔英国〕内阁会议(室);〔 ...
Example Sentences:
1.Don't be scared of the high-flown language of economists and cabinet ministers .
2.He ' d woken two cabinet ministers and half of ml5
3.He ' d woken two cabinet ministers and half of ml5
4.Cabinet matters ; a cabinet minister
5.Cabinet ministers are generally selected by the prime minister
6.He obtained a government position through interest with a cabinet minister
7.What is a cabinet minister
8.Several other prominent figures are currently under investigation , including a cabinet minister
9.Mr kibaki ' s choice of cabinet ministers does not suggest he is reaching out to those who opposed him
10.They are labor ' s shadow cabinet … men who would be cabinet ministers if their party turn to power
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