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Chinese translation for "brine bath"


Related Translations:
brine:  n. 1.卤水;咸水,盐水;【化学】盐溶液。 2.海水; ...  detail>>
bath:  Bath2 巴斯〔英国 Somerset 州首邑,以温泉 ...  detail>>
brine salting:  盐水浸渍法; 盐渍;湿法腌制  detail>>
brine well:  卤水井; 盐井  detail>>
brine quenching:  盐水淬火; 盐浴淬火  detail>>
brine shrimp:  盐水褐虾。   detail>>
brine sparge:  盐水喷射  detail>>
brine circulation:  盐水循环  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The towering salt mounds of the chiku salt pans are known as the " snowy mountains " of tainan . novel attractions at the salt pans include healthful brine baths and salty ice lollies
2.Today , as well as seeing mountains of salt , visitors to the salt pans can bathe in the new brine baths . these contain a 15 - cm layer of brine sludge , and brine liquor from the evaporation of seawater , which is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium . a liberal rub with the brine liquor is claimed to work wonders for both the constitution and the complexion
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