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Chinese translation for "bovine albumin"


Related Translations:
egg albumin precipitin:  蛋白沉淀素
bovine eperythrozoonosis:  牛附红细胞体病
bovine animal:  牛属动物牛只
bovine rhinotracheitis:  牛鼻气管炎
bovine heart:  巨心
bovine hemoglobinuria:  牛血红蛋白尿症
bovine anaplasmosis:  牛边虫病
bovine epitheliosis:  牛上皮增殖症
bovine paramyxovirus:  牛副粘病毒
bovine enteritis:  牛肠炎
Example Sentences:
1.The activity of cell adsorbed on the surface containing calcium was higher than that containing phosphorus . this is possible because the surface containing calcium with positive charge was more beneficial to the adsorption of bovine albumin serum and the ligant proteins of cell onto the s urfaces
2.Aminated and hydroxylated polysulfone membranes were prepared by amination and hydroxylation reaction , respectively . then bovine albumin ( bsa ) - fixed membranes were obtained by crossed - linking albumin into porous membrane with 1 , 1 ' - carbonyldiimidazole and bisoxirane reagents , respectively . a mathematical model for facilitated transport in asymmetric membranes with fixed site carriers was derived by assuming an instantaneous , microscopic concentraion fluctuation in the membrane
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