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Chinese translation for "booth fee"


Related Translations:
booth:  n. 布斯〔姓氏〕。   detail>>
fee:  n. 1.报酬;薪水;公费;手续费;税;会费,学费,报名 ...  detail>>
polling booth:  投票间; 投票站  detail>>
announcer booth:  播音员室; 广播室  detail>>
acoustic booth:  隔声电话室; 隔声间; 声学小室  detail>>
spray booth:  喷柜; 喷洒室; 喷台; 喷釉橱  detail>>
control booth:  控制间; 控制室; 控制台  detail>>
william booth:  卜威廉; 卜维廉; 布斯  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.And the total booth fee for the package stand should be paid off in one time
2.The committee will sign contracts with exhibitors , who are required to pay booth fee into the bank account provided by the committee within seven days after signing contracts
3.Payment : your booth fee must be paid to the organizer 7 days later after your application form has been sent , otherwise your booth will be canceled or changed
4.The organizing committee will give confirmation to exhibitors within seven days upon receiving booth fee and provide them with a copy of exhibitors ' manual , with instructions on how to prepare for the fair
组委会在参展商参展费用到帐七日内发出展位确认书,并向参展商提供《参展指南》 ,参展商照此做好参展的各项准备工作。
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