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Chinese translation for "blue brick"


Related Translations:
glazing brick:  釉面砖
grooved brick:  带槽砖
graphite brick:  石墨耐火砖石墨砖
autoclaved brick:  蒸压砖
brick pre:  制砖机
brick white:  砖白
brick cork:  软木砖
stock brick:  普通砖
imitation brick:  假砖
furring brick:  贴面砖
Example Sentences:
1.The century - old ancient well , ancient tree , the blue brick flies in the eaves , antique tatami bed , got back to home of history at last
2.In beijing , in contrast , the traditional siheyuan ( quadrangles ) have blue bricks and grey tiles with their eaves and beams colorfully decorated
3.Constructed with solid blue bricks on granite foundations , the walls stand 10 feet high and served to protect the wong clan from bandits during the early years of their settlement there
4.Choose two villages , direct against the stone material building , wooden building , immature soil architecture , blue brick building , the red brick building , within the same period , carried on temperature survey . the time to measure each site is roughly one week
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