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Chinese translation for "blue bottle"


Related Translations:
gravity bottle:  比重瓶
bottle packer:  瓶子装箱机
vial bottle:  小玻璃瓶
earthen bottle:  陶瓶
sterilizing bottle:  消毒瓶
drug bottle:  药瓶
bottling unit:  装瓶单元设备
bottle conveyor:  玻璃瓶传送带
bottle washer:  洗瓶工;杂役。
air bottle:  泵的空气拱室空气罐空气贮罐气瓶, 压缩空, 气瓶气瓶,压缩空气瓶蓄气瓶压气瓶压缩空气蓄罐氧气瓶;空气瓶;压缩空气瓶贮气瓶
Example Sentences:
1.We purchase pet wastes all the year round , including white and baby - blue bottle flakes , white pop corn , pulp lump and waste fiber
2.Contrary to common misconception , the meguiar ' s marine line of products is not simply meguiar ' s automotive products packaged into blue bottles
3.Health vials are small blue bottle that instantly restore some of your health when you walk over them . they can be found throughout the base
4.Keyboard control movement around key a key attack , s bond jumping , d . key defensive , eat blue bottle on the space bar can use it , plus bottles of red blood , green bottle plus life
键盘左右键控制移动, a键攻击, s键跳跃, d键防守,吃到蓝色瓶子可以按空格键使用它,红色瓶子加血,绿色瓶子加生命。
5.He had besides the things before mentioned , twelve marbles , part of a jews - harp , a piece of blue bottle - glass to look through , a spool cannon , a key that wouldn t unlock anything , a fragment of chalk , a glass stopper of a decanter , a tin soldier , a couple of tadpoles , six fire - crackers , a kitten with only one eye , a brass doorknob , a dog - collar - but no dog - the handle of a knife , four pieces of orange - peel , and a dilapidated old window sash . he had had a nice , good , idle time all the while - plenty of company - and the fence had three coats of whitewash on it
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