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Chinese translation for "blown dust"


Related Translations:
blown:  adj. 开了花的;(花)盛开的。   detail>>
dust:  n. 1.尘,灰尘,尘土,尘埃。 2.〔英国〕垃圾,废品 ...  detail>>
blow fish:  河豚  detail>>
blowing sand:  吹砂; 高吹沙  detail>>
side blown:  侧吹的  detail>>
maximum blowing:  最大吹除  detail>>
sting blow:  突击  detail>>
blown ingot:  多气孔钢锭  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Turning back - blow dust catcher
2.It is also conceivable that significant variation in particle size of wind blown dusts would occur as a result of changing weather conditions
3.All spirit ' s cameras could see was volcanic rock and wind - blown dust in every direction , even in the subsurface layers inside craters
“勇气号”的照相机所能拍摄到的只有火山岩,及被风扬起,遍布四方? ?就连弹坑下方也不能幸免? ?的沙尘。
4.Its endless buildings look grey , its sky and its streets assume a sombre hue ; the scattered , leafless trees and wind - blown dust and paper but add to the general solemnity of colour
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