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Chinese translation for "blast pipe"


Related Translations:
blast:  n. 1.(风)一阵,(气流等的)一股;疾风,强风;【冶 ...  detail>>
pipe:  n. 1.管,导管,筒。 2.烟斗,烟袋;一袋烟。 3. ...  detail>>
blasted:   adj. 1.已枯萎的,被摧残掉的;被毁的。 2.〔委婉语〕该死的,讨厌...  detail>>
fire blast:  [blight] 【植病】火疫。   detail>>
blast lamp:  风灯。   detail>>
hot blast:  【冶金】热鼓风。   detail>>
air blast:  鼓风,空气喷射。   detail>>
blast furnace:   n. 高炉,鼓风炉。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The structure of air - blast pipe was improved on . an orienting object was installed based on theoretical analysis , that increase the spraying span . it has been found that both spraying span and droplets uniformity improved , by installing the orienting object . according to the results of a great number of experiments , orderliness of droplets diameter along the spraying span was researched , and rational spraying span of air - assisted sprayer was suggested
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