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Chinese translation for "blast furnace air"


Related Translations:
blast furnace:  n. 高炉,鼓风炉。   detail>>
air:  n. 1.空气,大气。 2.天空,空中。 3.微风,和风 ...  detail>>
blast lock:  冲击波防御设施  detail>>
blast gas:  鼓风煤气; 鼓风气; 鼓入气体  detail>>
seed blast:  喷射清理机  detail>>
blast temperature:  爆炸温度; 风温鼓风温度; 鼓风温度  detail>>
presplitting blasting:  预裂爆破  detail>>
blast intensity:  鼓风强度  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Kzl series air clean filter to enter empty to is it stand to press since , the compressor and air conditioner imprison the wind system , blast furnace air - introduced machine of steel plant , gas turbine , air making oxygen raw materials air compressor filter , strain and contain a large number of dust except that among them , prevent from in dust particle long - time adjustment air current sports , to operated equipment above blade , impeller , flow dish and part lead to the fact the harm
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