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Chinese translation for "blast from the past"


Related Translations:
blast:  n. 1.(风)一阵,(气流等的)一股;疾风,强风;【冶 ...  detail>>
from:  短语和例子 from above [below] 自上[ ...  detail>>
the:  短语和例子 hire by the week 按周雇用。 ...  detail>>
past:  adj. 1.过去的;完了的。 2.刚过去的,上(月、星 ...  detail>>
i am the ghost of warcraft past:  我是魔兽之幽灵  detail>>
blast lock:  冲击波防御设施  detail>>
blast gas:  鼓风煤气; 鼓风气; 鼓入气体  detail>>
seed blast:  喷射清理机  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.What a blast from the past . i loved puttsun
2.His blast from the past . it was really sweet of you to stop by
3.. . . his blast from the past . it was really sweet of you to stop by
. . .他过去的一切,你能过来真好
4.Helen : that ' s right it was a real blast from the past
5.Lieutenant stone , blast from the past . - that ' s big daddy stone to you
6.Blast from the past
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