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Chinese translation for "base hospital"

baseadj. 1.贱的,劣的;卑下的,低级的;卑鄙的。 2. ...hospitaln. 1.医院;兽医院。 2.〔古语〕旅客招待所。 3. ...

Related Translations:
hospital:  n.1.医院;兽医院。2.〔古语〕旅客招待所。3.慈善收养院。4.(钟表、钢笔等小物件的)修理商店。5.公立学校〔此意仅作专有名词用,如 Christ's H-〕。短语和例子a clearing hospital兵站医院。 a field hospital 野战医院。 an infectious hospital 传染病医院。 an isolation hospital 隔
field hospital:  野战医院。fieldn. 1.原野,旷野;(海、空、冰雪等的)茫茫一片。 2 ...hospitaln. 1.医院;兽医院。 2.〔古语〕旅客招待所。 3. ...
psychopathic hospital:  精神病院。psychopathicadj. 精神病态的,心理变态的。 n. 精神变态者,心 ...hospitaln. 1.医院;兽医院。 2.〔古语〕旅客招待所。 3. ...
cottage hospital:  (无住院医生的)诊疗所,(乡下)小医院;医院分院。
maternity hospital:  产科医院。
hospital ship:  医疗船,运送伤病员的船。hospitaln. 1.医院;兽医院。 2.〔古语〕旅客招待所。 3. ...shipn. 1.船;大船;海船;舰〔作阴性看,代名词用 she ...
foundation hospital:  慈善医院。foundationn. 1.建设,创设,创立。 2.基础,根本;根据;地基 ...hospitaln. 1.医院;兽医院。 2.〔古语〕旅客招待所。 3. ...
foundling hospital:  育婴院。
hospital saturday:  [Sunday] 〔英国〕医院募捐的星期六[日]〔星期六在街头募捐,星期日在教堂募捐〕。hospitaln. 1.医院;兽医院。 2.〔古语〕旅客招待所。 3. ...saturdayn. 1.星期六。 2.【犹太教】安息日。 adv. - ...
hospital bed:  医院床〔可以升降活动的床〕。
Example Sentences:
1.During a lull in the fighting the mobile units can work at the base hospitals .
2.Bethune launched a nurses' training school, tidied up the local base hospital .
3.Please visit the website of “ web - based hospital ” if want to know more information of our study
4.The curative effect in “ web - based hospital ” can preponderate over multitudinous conservative integrated hospitals
5.The “ web - based hospital ” is designed in a popular style , is accessible ( available ) to all kinds of patients . seriously hope everyone can have a try
6.The first visited seven local shelters to distribute mosquito incense , mosquito nets , plastic pads , bed sheets , women s sanitary items , undergarments , slippers , infant care supplies , toys , toiletry items , curry powder and other provisions needed by the victims . the second group delivered medical equipment and medicine to the base hospital in the heavily affected area of hambantota and daily necessities to a government agency . some shelters could be reached only after climbing hundreds of steps
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