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Chinese translation for "anther country"


Related Translations:
anther:  n. 【植物;植物学】花药,花粉囊。   detail>>
country:  n. 1.国家;国土;(全)国民,民众。 2.本国,祖国 ...  detail>>
didymous anther:  双生花药  detail>>
anther dust:  花粉。   detail>>
anther smut:  花粉囊黑粉病; 花药黑粉菌  detail>>
anther wall:  花药壁  detail>>
anther sac:  花粉囊。   detail>>
introrse anther:  向心的花药 (opp. extrorse)。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.After summarizing the experience of research and application about microbial sources tracking in anther countries , the project to research and development the monitoring tracking technology of the microbial source in shore of china was introduced
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