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Chinese translation for "animal industry"


Related Translations:
bovine animal:  牛属动物牛只
preying animal:  掠食动物
subterranean animal:  地下动物
animal drawn:  畜力牵引的
animal form:  兽化
sensitized animal:  致敏动物
cage animals:  将动物关在笼子
feral animal:  未驯服的动物野化家畜
medical animal:  医用动物
animal capsule:  动物舱
Example Sentences:
1.Principles for developing special plant and animal industries in the western china
2.Legalization of laboratory animal industry and its development strategy in the market economy of china
3.Animal industry is the traditional and fundamental industry , as well as the superior and mainstay industry in minority nationalities regions
4.Only in suitable environment , can animal be more productive and reduce the consumption of feed . compared with developed country , animal industry is uncultured in our country
5.A majority of truth prove that developing grass - eating animal industry have profound significance and it is the orginal measure to solve the competition of foodstuff between human and livestocks
6.During a short period of time , entering wto will inevitably cause " birth pangs " to the animal industry and it will have great impact and put much pressure on , even do fatal damage to some autonomous minority nationality areas
加入wto后,短期内不可避免地会带来“阵痛” ,产生较大的冲击和压力,但从总体上来看,入世必将会进一步推动畜牧业的深化改革,加快畜牧业经济增长方式的转变。
7.Inspector : veterinary meat inspector who conducts meat inspection in accordance with the paragraph 2 , article 29of the animal industry act , and meat inspection assistant who is referred to paragraph 2 , article 23 of the enforcement rules of animal industry act
8.By numerous investigation , consulting literature and statistical analysis this article discusses the especial digestant physiology characteristics of grass - eating domestic animal and its significance and comparatively analyzed the developmental characteristic and actuality of livestock structure among developed country , developing country , china and shandong province . furthermore , predict the developing foreground and put forward idiographic ensuring measures after analyzing the potential problems and latency advantages on shandong province develops grass - eating animal industry and providing a scientific base for the development of shandong province ’ s grass - eating animal industry
9.The paper consists of five sections : ( 1 ) introduction ; ( 2 ) the current situation , advantages and disadvantages of gaoqiao region ' s agricultural economy development ; ( 3 ) the leading industry of gaoqiao region ' s agricultural economy development : grass - animal industry ; ( 4 ) the strategy choice for grass - animal ecological agriculture pattern of gaoqiao region ; ( 5 ) the guarantee measures of gaoqiao region ' s grass - animal ecological agriculture pattern
高桥试区农业经济发展的劣势有: ( 1 )水土流失严重,土地瘠薄,生态环境恶劣; ( 2 )水资源贫乏,气候干旱,极大限制了农作物的生长潜力; ( 3 )文化教育事业落后,科技人才奇缺,群众文化水平低; ( 4 )经济基础薄弱,农业投入严重不足; ( 5 )交通不便,信息闭塞,市场狭小,商品经济落后; ( 6 )产业结构单一,小生产与大市场相悖。
10.Based on the agricultural developing theories and practice of backward region , the paper analyses the current situation of gaoqiao region ' s agricultural economy development , and then defines the leading industry should be grass - animal industry . according to the leading industry , it puts forward that gaoqiao region must select grass - animal ecological agriculture pattern . at last , this essay poses seven measures to guarantee the well run of grass - animal ecological agriculture pattern
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