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Chinese translation for "animal form"


Related Translations:
bovine animal:  牛属动物牛只
preying animal:  掠食动物
subterranean animal:  地下动物
animal drawn:  畜力牵引的
sensitized animal:  致敏动物
cage animals:  将动物关在笼子
animal industry:  畜产业畜牧经营畜牧业
feral animal:  未驯服的动物野化家畜
medical animal:  医用动物
animal capsule:  动物舱
Example Sentences:
1.And we tell stories of humans who can take animal form ( or vice versa )
2.When a wizard transforms into their animal form , some visual clue typically connects that form to the human
3.It is characterized by the appearance of algae and a proliferation of marine invertebrate animal forms , but no true plants
4.I have always been intrigued with the relationships between animal forms and pottery forms , and how this relationship has been so commonly used in so many cultures
5.It s probably because before they took the animal form , they had incurred lots of bad karma , having taken too many lives or been forced into the situation by destiny and letting violence overtake them
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