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Chinese translation for "american revolution"


Related Translations:
revolution:  n.1.革命;剧烈的变革。2.回转,绕转,旋转;转数;周期;一转;【天文学】运行,周转,公转。短语和例子the industrial revolution 产业革命,工业革命。 palace revolution 宫廷政变。 violent revolution 暴力革命。 the R- =the English [French] revolution 英国[法国]革命。
green revolution:  绿色革命〔由于粮食作物新品种的发展和农业技术的改进,引起收成的极大增长〕。
french revolution:  法国大革命(1789-1799)。
velvet revolution:  天鹅绒革命〔指1989年秋季捷克斯洛伐克未经流血的政权易手〕。
russian revolution:  俄国革命〔指俄国1905年的二月革命,亦指俄国1917年的十月革命〕。
blue revolution:  1.(一些西方国家的所谓)“性解放”。2.黄色读物的泛滥。
permanent revolution:  不断革命。
palace revolution:  宫廷政变。
industrial revolution:  (十八世纪六十年代在英国开始的)工业革命,产业革命。
revolutions per minute:  〔略 r. p. m.〕【物理学】每分钟转数。
Example Sentences:
1.Our passion for freedom led to the american revolution .
2.He came of somerset gentlefolk who had lost their fortune following the american revolution .
3.Between the close of the american revolution and the adoption of the new constitution, the states of the union suffered losses in foreign trade .
4.Far less familiar are the passages from the "letters" and from crevecoeur's "sketches of eighteenth-century america" in which he bewails the upheavals of the american revolution .
5.The focus of this chapter is the american revolution
6.The impact of christian religion on the american revolution
7.“ valley forge was a turning point in the american revolution
8.In 1777 , british troops occupied philadelphia during the american revolution
9.Do you know who is considered to be the first hero of the american revolution
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