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Chinese translation for "adjustable jaw"


Related Translations:
periostitis of jaw:  颌骨膜炎
adjustable gills:  可调鱼鳞板
adjustable autotransformer:  可翟耦变压器可调自耦变压器
adjustable seal:  可调封管
adjustable cultivator:  可调节式耕作机
adjustable skid:  可调滑块
adjustable jet:  可调节喷管可调喷管, 可调喷嘴, 可调整喷[射]流可调喷流
adjustable condenser:  可变电容器可调电容器可调整凝结块
adjustable pad:  调整垫
adjustable flume:  可调整水槽
Example Sentences:
1.A true shop - quality stand with race - capable portability , thanks to the folding design ! adjustable jaw size , jaw angle , and height
2.Any of various hand or power tools with fixed or adjustable jaws for gripping , turning , or twisting objects such as nuts , bolts , or pipes
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