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Chinese translation for "acoustic blanket"


Related Translations:
acoustic:  adj. 1.听觉的;声学的。 2.助听的;传音的。 3 ...  detail>>
blanket:  n. 1.毛毯,绒被;毛毡状物,层,垫。 2.(火箭)表 ...  detail>>
heating blanket:  加热毯  detail>>
acoustic interaction:  声互作用  detail>>
acoustic oscillograph:  声学示波器; 示声波器  detail>>
acoustic reflex:  声反射; 听反射; 听觉反射  detail>>
acoustic transformator:  声变量器  detail>>
acoustic bop:  声控防喷器  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.According to their space position , the seismic features of shallow gas in this region can be divided into three groups : ( 1 ) features in the stratum : acoustic blanket , acoustic curtains , acoustic turbidity , irregular strong top reflection boundary , and phase pull - down in both flanks ; ( 2 ) features of the seabed : seabed pockmark and giant sunken pit ; ( 3 ) features in the seawater column : acoustic plumes , cloudy turbidity and point - line - type reflection
该区的浅层气地震特征按空间位置分为3大类: ( 1 )地层中的特征:声学空白、声学幕、声学扰动、不规则强反射顶界面、两侧相位下拉; ( 2 )海底面的特征:海底麻坑、大型塌陷坑; ( 3 )海水层中的特征:声学羽流、云状扰动、点划线反射。
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