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Chinese translation for "absolute magnitude"


Related Translations:
absolute:  adj. 1.绝对的 (opp. relative, c ...  detail>>
magnitude:  n. 广大,巨大;伟大,重大,重要性;大小;积;量;【数 ...  detail>>
absolute monarchy:  君主专制国[政体]。   detail>>
absolute adjective:  独立形容词〔略去后续的名词,如: the rich, the poor〕。   detail>>
absolute music:  纯音乐,无标题音乐。   detail>>
ablative absolute:  独立夺格(结构)。   detail>>
absolute zero:  【物理学】绝对零度〔-273.16℃〕。   detail>>
absolute majority:  〔英国〕绝对多数。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Problems of urbanization are widely noted and studied, not only because of their absolute magnitude but also because of their visibility .
2.We can also talk about the absolute magnitudes of objects like star clusters , galaxies , etc
3.For example , the apparent magnitude of our sun is - 26 . 8 , but its absolute magnitude is just 4 . 8 . the absolute magnitude describes the
例如太阳的视星等为- 26 . 9等,但它的绝对星等只有4 . 8等。
4.We know the luminosity is directly related to the absolute magnitude . so , in practice , we usually use absolute magnitudes instead
5.This greatly simplifies the various analyses , for example , their relative apparent magnitudes are equal to their relative absolute magnitudes
6.The hertzsprung - russell diagram serves this purpose . it is a plot of absolute magnitude against surface temperature i . e . , spectral type of stars
7.Two stars have the same absolute magnitude . one is thousand times farther away than the other . what is the difference in apparent magnitudes ? which magnitude larger
8.The longer the period , the brighter the star is . thus , by measuring the period of a cepheid variable , we know its absolute magnitude , hence , we can tell how far it is away by comparing with its apparent magnitude
9.A typical red supergiant could be about 100 times larger than the red giant . its surface temperature is low while the total luminosity remains high , with absolute magnitude up to - 10 comparing to 4 . 8 of our sun
典型的超红巨星比普通红巨星大上100倍,虽然表面温度低,但整体光度仍然非常高,绝对星等可达- 10太阳的绝对星等只有4 . 8 。
10.The second part is concerned with the comprehensive evaluation of relations between risks , their absolute magnitude and relative order of risks . methods of point rating and fuzzy integrative evaluation methods are employed here
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