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Chinese translation for "abrasive grinding wheel"


Related Translations:
abrasive cement:  磨料胶合剂磨料粘结剂
abrasive planing:  磨削
abrasive plate:  越端放线装置的摩擦片
mild abrasives:  软质磨料
abrasive impeller:  抛丸机
abrasive binder:  磨料粘结剂
grinding abrasive:  研磨料
abrasive grain:  磨粒;磨料粒度磨料颗粒研磨粒研磨砂
dental abrasives:  牙科用研磨剂
Example Sentences:
1.Diamond and products - specification for diamond and cubic boron nitride abrasive grinding wheels
2.This paper introduces some kinds of super - abrasive grinding wheel dressing method swidely used in ultra - precision grinding , analyses their principle , characteristic and extension
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