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English translation for "抛光"

[ pāoguāng ] 
[机械工程] polishing; burnishing; buffing; chasing 短语和例子

Related Translations:
金刚砂抛光:  diamond polishing金刚砂emery sand抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...
腐蚀抛光:  etch polishing腐蚀corrode; corrosion; corrodin ...抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...
抛光夹具:  polishing clamp抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...夹具fixture; chucking; chucking ...
抛光轧辊:  polishing rollspolishingroll抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...轧辊roll; roller; bowl; mill rol ...
抛光钻石:  polished diamond抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...钻石diamond; brilliant jewel
抛光粉:  burnishing powderpolishing powderpolishingpowderputty抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...粉powder
抛光层:  polish layer抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...层I storey; tier; stratum
抛光工人:  glazerpolisher抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...工人worker
抛光胎:  lap cover抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...胎foetus; embryo
酸洗抛光:  etch polish酸洗scouring; dipping; pickling; ...抛光polishing; burnishing; buffi ...
Example Sentences:
1.We used grinding machines only to smooth and finish a workpiece .
2.The specimen surface should be polished, cleaned, and dried .
3.Newer materials, such as syton, are chemo-mechanical and are beginning to be used .
4.When inspection indicates the surface to be filled, a rubbing compound may be used to obtain a high gloss .
5.The secondary mirror must be adapted during the process of grinding and polishing to this other form .
6.The most common finishing operations are mechanical, such as milling, grinding, or polishing with abrasives .
7.the source is which is placed along with the polished substrate in an evacuated, sealed quartz ampoule.
8.Polished wafers are subjected to a number of measurements that are concerned with cosmetic, crystal perfection, mechanical, and electrical attributes .
9.Adhesion test for metallic coatings by burnishing
10.Roughness comparison specimens - polished surfaces
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