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"Translation-Dictionary.net" is the most comprehensive free online dictionary available on the web. It well exceeds regular dictioanries in terms of vocabulary coverage and it translates hundreds of thousands of words, phrases, and sentences between multiple languages. It includes translations for a wide varierty of domains such as proper names, technical terminologies, movie titles, etc. It also offers pronunciation, related terms, synonyms, spelling correction, and example sentences.

痴心 silly wish
痴心妄想 fond dream
痴情 unreasoning passion
痴情女子负心汉 a foolish sentimental girl a...
痴想 day dream
痴愚 moronity
痴狂 nonsensical
痴男怨女 languishing youths and unhap...
痴笑 giggle
痴肥 abnormally fat
痴迷 infatuated
痴钝 imbecile
pain or numbness
痹证 Bi Zheng
痼习 inveterate habit
痼冷 obstinate cold syndrome
痼疾 chronic illness
痼癖 inveterate weakness
flaccid paralysis
痿症 flaccid paralysis
痿躄 atrophy and flaccidity
瘀伤 bruise
瘀斑 ecchymosis
瘀点 petechia
瘀肿疼痛 pain caused by ecchymoma
瘀血 blood stasis
瘀阻肿胀 ecchymoma
heat symptom-complex
瘅疟 malaria
瘆人 making one's flesh creep
瘆得慌 be horrified
瘊子 wart
瘌痢 favus of the scalp
瘌痢头 affected with favus on the h...
瘌痢头儿子自己疼 Every mother's child is hand...
瘐死 die of hunger or disease
a lump in the abdomen
瘘名 fistula
瘘管 fistula
瘘管刀 fistulatome
种子选育 seed breeding
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