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scald in order to remove hai...
煺毛 remove the hairs or feathers
fan incite
煽动 instigate
煽动叛乱 incite people to rise in reb...
煽动对某人的不满 stir up discontent with sb.
煽动战争 incite war
煽动者 agitator
煽情主义 sensationalism
煽惑 incite
煽惑人心 deceive and stir up people's...
煽风点火 fan the flames
熄火 flameout
熄灭 extinct
熄灯 put out the light
熄灯号 taps
熄灯后不许说话 No talking after lights are ...
熊市 bear market
熊常在山洞里冬眠 Bears often hibernate in cav...
熊心豹胆 tremendous bravery
熊掌 bear's-paw
熊熊 flaming
熊熊烈火 raging flames
熊熊燃烧 blaze
熊猫 panda
熊猫的习性 the habits and characteristi...
熊猫金币 panda gold coin
熊率 a surname
熊率且比 Xiongshuai Jubi
熊相 a surname
熊相宜僚 Xiongxiang Yiliao
熊罴 Xiong Pi
熊罴入梦 a congratulatory greeting to...
熊胆 bear gall
熊腰虎背 with a bear's loin and a tig...
熊蜂 bumblebee
熊蹯 bear's paw
熏制 smoke
熏制者 smoker
熏房子 fumigate a room
熏染 exert a gradual,corrupting i...
熏火腿 smoked ham
熏猪肉 smoke-cured pork
熏肉 treat meat with smoke
熏肉室 meat house
熏蒸 stifling
痴子 madman
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