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English translation for "预制"

prefabricate; precut
◇预制安装建筑 [房] prefabricated building; 预制板 precast slab; precast panel; 预制构件模板 precast-concrete form; 预制混凝土 precast concrete; 预制混凝土构件 precast concrete; 预制件 prefab

Related Translations:
预制钢筋混凝土:  precast reinforced concreteprefabricated reinforced concrete预制prefabricate; precut钢筋混凝土steel reinforced concrete; a ...
预制乳状液:  preemulsion预制prefabricate; precut
预制水泥厂:  precast concrete factory预制prefabricate; precut
预制楼板:  precast floor slab预制prefabricate; precut楼板floor; floorslab
混凝土预制:  precasting混凝土concrete; beton; jetereting预制prefabricate; precut
预制剂:  preformulation预制prefabricate; precut剂a pharmaceutical or other ch ...
预制程序:  ready-made program预制prefabricate; precut程序procedure
预制面墙:  precast facade预制prefabricate; precut
预制部件:  pre-constructed unitprefabricated unitready-made units预制prefabricate; precut部件component; unit; parts; asse ...
预制材料:  vormaterial semi-finished material预制prefabricate; precut材料material
Example Sentences:
1.A dope mix is prepared by intimately mixing the following ingredients .
2.The civil engineering contractor may need to lay out his own casting yard .
3.Parallel wire strands supported the precast deck every 27ft .
4.Precast concrete requires careful attention to the joinery between precast elements .
5.Segments may be precast long enough to reach sufficient strength and maturity .
6.A proposed conceptual single-plane cablestayed design envisions the piers to be prefabricated in a unit along the shore .
7.This bridge was built with precast channel girder sections, but could be built with aashtoi girders or box sections .
8.A special steel spreader beam was used to erect the fabricated cage in its proper position in the roadway structure .
9.Pre - engineered dry chemical extinguishing system units
10.Wind resistance of prepared roof covering materials
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