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English translation for "适合"

[ shìhé ] 
rightness; trim; appositeness; suit; fit; be appropriate for; become; be good for; be suitable; be perfect for; o.k. [okay]; be proper 短语和例子

Related Translations:
适合标题:  fit headline适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...标题title; heading; headline
适合度:  conformityconsistenceequivocal fitnessgoodness of fitgrade of fit适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...度surmise; estimate
适合地:  compatiblyduly适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...地the earth
适合窗口:  fit in window适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...窗口window
适应适合:  adapt vi适应suit; adapt; get with it; fi ...适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...
适合产量:  eumetric yield适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...产量output; yield; throughput; h ...
最适合的:  autofitoptimal最most; best; worst; first; ve ...适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...的4次方是 The fourth power of 2 i ...
适合山上:  mountain适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...上upper; up; upward
优化适合性:  optimization suitability优化optimize; majorization; opti ...适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...性nature; character; dispositi ...
属于适合于:  fall within属于belong to; be part of; be ge ...适合rightness; trim; appositenes ...
Example Sentences:
1.We will call at a more seemly time .
2.Cadmium is a good metal for this purpose .
3.This book is adapted to children .
4.They were not everybody's dish .
5.He is admirably suited for the job .
6.He is better suited to a job with older pupils .
7.His ideas are in tune with the times .
8.The story came pat to the occasion .
9.Quite true , its taste is very agreeable to me .
10.He is the man of all others for the role .
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