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English translation for ""

[ zǒu ] 
1.(人或鸟兽的脚交互向前移动) walk; go: 行走 walk; 走自己的路 go one's own way; take one's own road; 走遍天下 travel all over the world; 一直往前走 go straight ahead; 走前人没有走过的道路 break new paths; take paths never trodden before; 走弯路 take a roundabout route; make a detour; 走一步看一步 take one step and look around before taking another -- proceed without a plan, or with caution; 从胜利走向胜利 march from victory to victory; 你是走回来的吗? did you walk back? 请这边走。 step this way, please.
2.(跑) run: 奔走 run; rush about; run errands; be busy running about; 打得赢就打, 打不赢就走。 fight when you can win, move away when you can't.
3.(移动; 挪动) move: 走一步棋 move a piece; move along; 钟不走了。 the clock has stopped.
4.(离开; 去) leave; depart; go away: 他走了。 he has left. 别走哇。 don't go away! 把他带走。 get him away.; clear him off.
5.(来往) visit; call on: 走亲戚 call on relatives; 走娘家 (of a married woman) visit her parents' home; 常去朋友那儿走走 visit one's friends at times; 他们两家走得很近。 the two families often visit each other.
6.(通过; 由) pass through; get past: 走过地道 pass through a tunnel; 走大路进城 go to town along the main road
7.(漏出; 泄漏) leak; let out; reveal: 走风 let out a secret; leak out; 煤气管道走气了。the gas is leaking from the pipe.
8.(改变或失去原样) depart from the original; change or lose the original shape, flavour, colour, etc.: 唱走板了 sing out of tune; 讲走题了 speak beside the point; explain away from the point; 茶叶走味了。 the tea has lost its flavour. 把鞋穿走形了。 the shoes were worn out of shape

Related Translations:
四处走走:  ramble  detail>>
向后走:  walk back  detail>>
西走:  westing  detail>>
跟着走:  come along; come in; lead 2  detail>>
冲走:  flush out; wash away; washaway  detail>>
走慢步:  in walk  detail>>
走鲸:  ambulocetus  detail>>
乱走:  leave arbitrarily  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.A solitary figure was coming toward him .
2.A girl slouched in front of her .
3.Five miles on he saw the airfield .
4.I feel badly about your leaving so soon .
5.Some so-and-so has pinched my towel .
6.We left the car and walked for a little .
7.Take the left side fork at the crossroads .
8.Do not run away -- i want your advice .
9.Infants were rent from their mother 's arms .
10.Please let me know when you 're ready to go .
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