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English translation for "贴金"

[ tiējīn ] 
1.(贴金箔) cover with gold leaf; gild
2.(美化) touch up; prettify: 别尽往自己脸上贴金。 don't put feathers in your own cap

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贴金箔:  leaf gilding; leaf-gilding  detail>>
贴金技术:  gilding technique  detail>>
贴金胶水:  gold size  detail>>
贴金箔法:  leaf gilding  detail>>
鱼胶贴金漆:  isinglass gold-size  detail>>
沥粉贴金:  gelled patterning and gilding  detail>>
脸上贴金:  blow one's own trumpet [horn]; put fea...  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Do n't put feathers in your own cap .
2.I thought that even you had so many money , you couldn ' t paste gold papers on the walls
3.3 . he accused the prime minister of burnishing his own image while folding under pressure
4.As lao , 1 . 96 - meter high , with the painting , expression serious and kind - looking , as in lecture that appears in a silent meditation
太上老君像,通高1 . 96米,贴金彩绘,神态严肃而慈祥,象在讲经说法,又似在沉思冥想。
5.Once a year , only during the festival days , the locked up four buddha images are brought out for display , worship and gilding with gold leaf
6.That ' s when a donkey belonging to an antiquities guard fell into a hole that led directly to an undiscovered tomb filled with gold - covered mummies
7.On this day grand ceremonies are held on the jiuhua mountain . touring the mountain , one feels detached from reality and forgets all worldly cares
8.It also explains the surface finishing , such as gold plating , laminating and the surface protection methods of chemical process protection , electrophoresis lacquering , organic filming , etc
9.One cherished , and praiseworthy , goal of the president ' s is to achieve a just and economically literate solution to the problem of illegal immigration in america
10.In the center of the hall there is a lotus throne , on which sit three giant images of buddha , each about 20ft high and all gilded , tathagata in the middle , amitabha on the left , and " medicine master " on the right
殿正中莲花台上端坐着三尊二丈多高的贴金大佛。中坐者为“如来” ,左边一尊为“阿弥陀佛” ,右边一尊为“药师佛” 。
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