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English translation for "设计依据"

basis for design
design basis
design consideration
design consignment
designation of silkworm eggs

Related Translations:
依据:  1.(根据) according to; in the light of; in accordance with; on the basis of; judging by 短语和例子依据上述意见 in accordance with the above views2.(作为论断前提或言行基础的事物) basis; foundation 短语和例子毫无依据 utterly b
立法依据:  the basis for establishing therapeutic principle
审计依据:  audit basisaudit ground
依据的:  pursuant
主要依据:  main basis
依据告发:  ex rel
为依据:  rest on
依据和:  documentation coding and compliance and emtala
评价依据:  assessment basis
索赔依据:  basis for claims
Example Sentences:
1.The designed principle about shaped curve of first operation seaming roll
2.The results of calculation are useful for optimization design of system
3.The conclusion of this paper offered the reference for latter study and engineering design
4.The result can be used as the basis for design and manufacturing of anti - counterfeiting grating
5.All the results discussed in the paper could be useful and valuable for the practical system design
6.Then realize a bootloader for the platform . 2 . analysis the relationship between the root filesystem and uclinux core
2 .详细研究了根文件系统与uclinux内核的关系以及根文件系统的设计依据
7.The theoretical model of " lowpass filter " as the designing guideline for the selection of optical sampling width was proposed
8.All of this got data reference and design basis for eccentric mechanism for adjusting the center distance and others
9.The smaller the stiffness and the bigger the mass and the damp is , the smaller the effect of static load on the maximum displacement is
10.The operation principle is analyzed , the influence on fac converter introduced by im is described and the design rule of im is presented
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