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English translation for "表示意见"

have one's say

Related Translations:
表示:  0  detail>>
意见:  idea; view; opinion; suggest ...  detail>>
意见论文:  position paper  detail>>
表示依据:  even according to  detail>>
表示不愿:  reluctate  detail>>
表示抽象:  age=thing done; doing sth  detail>>
表示怀疑:  call in question; question  detail>>
表示灯:  indication lamp  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.I asked her what she thought , but she refused to commit herself .
2.I think the reader has a right to demand some expression of opinion on that controversial topic .
3.During these quarterly meetings, it's the boss's responsibility to respond to each manager's plan .
4.Mr. yorke was in no mild mood, and in no measured terms did he express his opinion on the transaction of the night .
5.His despair masking as exaltation, nixon had pressed scowcroft to have the letter typed for his immediate signature without waiting for my comments .
6.At this stage , the government has no comment on such arrangement
7.He stated the opinion as a private person , and not qua president
8.I didn \ ' t express my opinions because i felt i knew too little about social etiquette
9.Veterans so the battle against lilco suspected sleight of hand and reserved judgement
10.The commander - in - chief listened , and sometimes asked what had been said near him , but did not himself enter into conversation or express any opinion
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