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English translation for "票据"

[ piàojù ] 
1.(写有支付金额义务的证件) bill; note; negotiable instrument: 不完全票据 incomplete bill; 定期票据 fixed bill; 到期票据 matured bill; 到期未付票据 overdue bill; 即期票据 sight bill; 借款票据 loan bill; 通用票据 passable bill; 应付票据 bills payable; 应收票据 bills receivable; 远期票据 long-dated bill; 伪造票据 fake bill; 票据即将到期。 the bill will soon fall due. 我拒绝兑现你的票据。 i refuse to honour your bill.
2.(出纳或货运凭证) voucher; receipt
◇票据背书 endorse a bill; 票据本 approval book; 票据存根 counterfoil; 票据付款通知 advice of bill paid; 票据交换 clearance; clearer; 票据交换所 clearing house; 票据结算 clearing; 票据金额 amount of the instrument; 票据经纪人 bill broker; 票据清算公司 clearing corporation; 票据收款通知 advice of bill collected; 票据贴现 discounting of bill; 票据贴现率 acceptance rate; 票据贴现押金[保证金] bill discount deposit; 票据托收 collection on bill; 票据议付 negotiation of bills

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Example Sentences:
1.The bill was drawn on an american bank .
2.His paper was out in large quantities .
3.The bill will soon fall due .
4.A draft is simply an order to pay, isn't it? like a cheque ?
5.Bills carrying their names must now be classed as bank bills .
6.Once again the assistant, gayne, began placing papers on the conference table .
7.He used the time to carefully cash every chip he could put his hands on .
8.This is a system for exchanging value via electronic entry, without processing paper .
9.The form of the indorsement james uses will also affect future attempts to negotiate the instrument .
10.A similar restriction by a maker or drawer would destroy the negotiability of the instrument .
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