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English translation for "硅质岩"

acidic rock
silica rock
siliceous rock
silicite硅质siliceous; siliciousrock
Example Sentences:
1.The radiolarite and the biological remains in the silicalite of changkeng gold - silver deposit , guangdong
2.Through the search of bourn of intraclast congeries silica rock , its earth and west side all grow consortium robble
3.The two early carboniferous fragments are composed of basalt and ash - black , fuchsia radiolaria silicalite , siliceous mudstone , tuff
4.Geochemical characteristics and paleogeographic significance of early carboniferous cherts at the nongba section in the gengma area , southwestern yunnan
5.Ore type primarily contains the copper sand scraps slilica rock or contain the copper gravel scraps silica rock , a little amount powder sand sericite callys type copper silver mine and dolomie type copper silver mine
6.The geochemistry characteristic of fuchsia radiolarian silicalite indicates that they deposited in the of edge of oceanic basin near the continental margin , not the typical caontinental margin environment
7.The lower member of typical ophiolite suit is exposed at outsides of the qimanyuter ophiolite melange and in between , there distribute the basalt , deep sea limestone and silicalites . these different litho - members contact to each other with ductile shear zones
8.The immediate host siliceous rocks of typical deposits ( jinya , gaolong ) are of hydrothermal sedimentary origin . gold ore bodies are layer - like and generally concordant with their host rocks . abundant relict synsedimentary fabrics are preserved in the ores
9.The stratum , deposited in nongba which in eastern part of gengma area and composed by sandstone , mudstone and silicate and tuff interlayers , was named by former man as nanpihe formation and papai formation , and their age were later permian and early triassic respectively
10.The massive tripoli is a kind of soft siliceous rock which is composed of cryptocrystalline quartz . the rock could be prepared for active ultra - fine quartz by airflow pulverization and surface modification . the ultra - fine siliceous powder is a kind of high - quality filler in plastics and rubber
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