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English translation for "民族革命"

national revolution
◇民族革命战争 national revolutionary war民族nation; nationality; nationa ...革命revolution; revolutionary

Related Translations:
真诚革命:  truly devoted to the revolution真诚sincere; genuine; honest; ea ...革命revolution; revolutionary
民族提琴:  fiddle民族nation; nationality; nationa ...提琴the violin family
民族饭店:  beijing minzu hotelnational hotel
民族共同体:  national community民族nation; nationality; nationa ...共同体community
古代民族:  ancient nationality古代ancient; archaic; ancient ti ...民族nation; nationality; nationa ...
民族议会:  national council民族nation; nationality; nationa ...议会parliament; congress; Reichs ...
民族地毯:  nationality carpet民族nation; nationality; nationa ...地毯rug; carpet
民族前进:  march of the nation民族nation; nationality; nationa ...前进advance; go forward; forge a ...
民族独立:  national independence◇民族独立国家 national independent countries; 民族独立运动 national independent movement民族nation; nationality; nationa ...独立stand alone; be on one's own ...
北方民族:  northerners北方north民族nation; nationality; nationa ...
Example Sentences:
1.The task of the party is to form a revolutionary national united front by combining the activities of the red army with all the activities of the workers , the peasants , the students , the petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie throughout the country
2.In the process of national revolution , socialism revolution and socialism building , the chinese communist party has been suited for demands of the ages and social development . our communist party has enhanced and perfected the national spirit and made it to a higher level
3.New ethnologic ideology conformed to the requirements of the times , supplied a good development for modem nationalism , spreaded nationality and democra - cyrevolution thought , and with the nature of anti - imperialism and anti - feudal ; further strengthen thenational conscious of all ethnic groups in china as well as the national consciousness ; played animportant role in guiding the society development
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