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English translation for "柜台交易"

otc over the counter
otc trading
over the counter(otc)
over-the-counter trading
over-the-counter transaction

Related Translations:
柜台:  counter; bar  detail>>
交易:  business; deal; trade; trans ...  detail>>
出纳柜台:  cashier's counter; teller’s window  detail>>
柜台市场:  over the counter (otc)  detail>>
售票柜台:  ticket counter  detail>>
包装柜台:  a packing counter  detail>>
柜台游戏:  counter game  detail>>
柜台小姐:  countergirl  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Some are traded over the counter , without a specific central trading location
2.London is now the world leader in the trading of foreign - exchange and over - the - counter ( off - exchange ) derivatives
3.After becoming public , it usually takes a few months for the trading to begin on nasdq - otc
4.Bank bar trades : cost rate is high , need bank site , need waits , time is restricted by bank working hours
5.If want to earn price difference from inside interest rate wave motion , can buy the national debt that commercial bank bar trades or exchange market national debt so
6.Using the liquidity theory as the framework for analysis , the author comes to the conclusion that " the current one - and - a - half market is a market with extremely low liquidity and efficiency "
7.The cme argues , correctly , that it competes not only against other exchanges but also with the vast “ over - the - counter ” markets , where derivatives are traded privately
8.Otcbb refers to a capital market including legal relations of issuing and transacting those stocks which can not reach the standards of the main board market as well as the second board market and the legal relations of supervising market
9.To solving the problem baffling non - state hi - tech enterprises " financing , the government should pass a law clearly stipulating that the state would protect their legal rights and interest , that governments at different levels should give their fiscal support to such enterprises and that the state should set up a development foundation for such enterprises . in addition , the government should improve the financing environment for non - state hi - tech enterprises and encourage risk investment institutions to increase input in these enterprises
10.In the case of an organized exchange like the chicago mercantile exchange in the us , standardized currency contract sizes that represent a certain monetary value are traded in the international money market . a central clearing house organizes matching of transactions between counter - parties
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