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English translation for "改组"

[ gǎizǔ ] 
reorganize; reshuffle; reorganization 短语和例子

Related Translations:
链改组:  chain shuffling链chain改组reorganize; reshuffle
中国改组:  china restructuring中国China; Sino-改组reorganize; reshuffle
金融改组:  financial reorganization金融finance; banking改组reorganize; reshuffle
经济改组:  economic conversioneconomic reorganizationeconomic restructuring经济economy改组reorganize; reshuffle
改组计划:  reorganization planrestructuring plan改组reorganize; reshuffle计划plan; project; programme; de ...
改组程序:  reorganization proceedings改组reorganize; reshuffle程序procedure
改组债券:  reorganization bonds改组reorganize; reshuffle债券bond; debenture; debenture s ...
申请改组:  application to reorganizations申请apply for; ask for改组reorganize; reshuffle
资本改组:  capital reorganization资本capital改组reorganize; reshuffle
分裂改组:  divisive reorganization分裂split up; break up; rend改组reorganize; reshuffle
Example Sentences:
1.The new arrangement was formally established in april .
2.Reorganization inevitably involves some recovery and redelegation of authority .
3.The new employee stepped on a lot of toes when he suggested reorganizing the office .
4.In 1937, this subsection was withdrawn and became the independent school library association .
5.A company no sooner finishes a major job of reorganizing itself than it starts all over again .
6.He brought in mckinsey & company, the management-consultant people, to reorganize our top administration .
7.The consequences of failure and reorganization under the revised statutes, while serious, are not unthinkable .
8.Garment was convinced that the administration would have to be ripped apart and reconstituted in procedures as well as personnel .
9.This may lead to a change of certain gene components, which is prerequisite for an incisive reorganization of the gene .
10.We sent a team of the american executives to japan and they came back with grand ideas about needing to reorganize and change our strategy .
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