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English translation for "抗原"

[ kàngyuán ] 
[医学] antigen; antihelion
◇抗原 -抗体反应 antigen-antibody reaction; 抗原疗法 antigenotherapy; antigentotherapy; 抗原性 antigenicity; 抗原血 antigenemia

Related Translations:
私有抗原:  private antigen私有privately owned; private抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...
种抗原:  species antigen种species抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...
抗原呈递:  antigen presentationantigen presenting抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...呈递present; submit
炭疽抗原:  anthrax antigen抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...
热病抗原:  febrile antigen热病calentura; calenture; fever; ...抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...
精子抗原:  sperm antigen精子sperm; spermatozoon; spermiu ...抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...
抗原竞争:  antigen competitionantigenic competition抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...竞争compete with; contest
血细胞抗原:  blood cell antigen抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...
人工抗原:  artificial antigen人工artificial manual work; work ...抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...
抗原抗体:  antigen-antibody reactionhepatitis b e antigen antibody抗原-抗体反应 antigen-antibody react ...抗体antibody; immune body; antit ...
Example Sentences:
1.They bind to antigen--antibody complexes .
2.Each antigen may have many different determinants .
3.Antigen interacts with the surface of sensitized mast cells .
4.The second group of antigens consists proteins and nucleoproteins .
5.There are numerous inherited antigens on the surface of the human erythrocyte .
6.In mice the h-2 isoantigens are the strongest histocompatibility antigens .
7.Another method of maintaining antigen persistence is through use of an adjuvant .
8.Antigen density on the tumor cell surface influences the cytotoxic sensitivity .
9.Some antigens, or combinations of antigens, are much more potent than others .
10.An antigenic substance has the potential of producing an allergic response in certain individuals .
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