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English translation for "技术依据"

technical base

Related Translations:
依据:  1.(根据) according to; in the light of; in accordance with; on the basis of; judging by 短语和例子依据上述意见 in accordance with the above views2.(作为论断前提或言行基础的事物) basis; foundation 短语和例子毫无依据 utterly b
立法依据:  the basis for establishing therapeutic principle
审计依据:  audit basisaudit ground
依据的:  pursuant
主要依据:  main basis
依据告发:  ex rel
为依据:  rest on
依据和:  documentation coding and compliance and emtala
评价依据:  assessment basis
索赔依据:  basis for claims
Example Sentences:
1.Carry our comprehensive water - saving measures , optimize disposition in water resources
2.They provide governments with a technical base for health , safety and environmental legislation
3.The experimental result is valuable to towed - cable design and further study on this subject
4.H . 323 protocol , proposed by the itu - t group , was accepted by most of the tele - communication companies worldwide
Itu - t制定的h . 323协议已被大多数公司采用,它成为了ip电话实现和互通的技术依据
5.In conclusion , as a foundation , this dissertation provides essential principles and techniques of intrusion detection system to further research
6.The competent staff at the vec sales department invite you to try them and approach them anytime no matter how complex your requirement seem to be
7.Recemmended specification and standard is defined as the technical basis and acceptance on which part or whole requirements on products shall be fulfilled to ensure its serviceability
8.It makes sense in increasing fatigue life of transmission gears , and also offers technical support for further optimizing the setting of break - in for transmission gears
9.The optimal technical parameters for urban wastewater treatment through facultative bio - reaction are got from the large amounts of tests , which provide the design methods and operation parameters for such kind of wastewater treatment
10.The results have given the reason of tool joint with one side hardbanding and double sides hardbanding could reduce casing wear , and the theoretical foundation and technical guidelines to technology of tool joint hardbanding
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