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English translation for "干涩"


Related Translations:
眼珠干涩:  dryness and foreign-body sensation in the eyes眼珠eye pupil干涩aningeresting
皮肤干涩:  dry and rough skin皮肤skin; baragnosis; derma; hid ...干涩aningeresting
干涩感:  sensation of dryness干涩aningeresting感feel; sense
太干涩:  this souis cold太highest; greatest; remotest干涩aningeresting
干涩不舒:  dryness and discomfort of the eyes干涩aningeresting不a block of wood舒stretch; unfold
燥性干涩:  characteristic of dryness being dry and puckerydryness tending to desiccate燥dry性nature; character; dispositi ...干涩aningeresting
两眼干涩:  dry eyes两two眼eye干涩aningeresting
两目干涩:  dryness in the eyes两two目eye干涩aningeresting
眵干涩痒:  [中医] itching with caked secretion in the eye眵gum干涩aningeresting痒itch; tickle
眼干涩痒:  itch with caked secretion in the eye眼eye干涩aningeresting痒itch; tickle
Example Sentences:
1.Bertha tried to speak, but her throat was dry, and she could utter no word .
2.I can ' t imagine the aridity and humdrum of people ' s lives
3.Tess asked in a dry dull voice
4.It is a wine that has long full flavour and fine , dry tannins typical of our region
5.Oddly enough , the older bichon may have a problem with dry eye and this dog may also have some eye staining
6.Write , my bubble tea has been already seen bottom , throat inside , leave dry acrid remaining joss - stick
7.Second of all , please accept my apologies if my dry sense of humor ever becomes a distraction from the material
8." i followed the undying one . i lost my way . " the summoner ' s voice was soft and dull , like that of a man who speaks in sleep
“我追寻亡灵来到这里,却迷失了方向。 ”召唤师的声音轻而干涩,仿佛睡梦中的呓语。
9.“ oh , it is my only property , which is a reward form necromancer jill after having collected herb for him all day long ” the dwarf says in a hoarse voice
“哦,我身上只有这东西,这是我用一天采集的草药从巫师杰尔那换来的。 ”矮人的声音沙哑干涩
10.When a compliment could keep my mind occupied for hours on end and a harsh word could prick like a pin the same skin which now seems dry and insensitive
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