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English translation for "小画眉草"

little lovegrass herb

Related Translations:
画眉:  [动物学] garrulax canorus; babbling thrush; babbler; chatterer; song thrush
画眉鸟:  throstleveerywood thrush画眉Garrulax canorus; babbling t ...鸟bird
画眉草:  india lovegrassindian lovegrass herbteff
台风画眉:  tropical storm vamei台风typhoon画眉Garrulax canorus; babbling t ...
绿画眉:  white-bellied yuhinayuhina zantholeuca绿green画眉Garrulax canorus; babbling t ...
画眉鱼:  festive cichlid画眉Garrulax canorus; babbling t ...鱼fish
画眉铅笔:  eyebrow pencils画眉Garrulax canorus; babbling t ...铅笔pencil
画眉山:  wa mei shan画眉Garrulax canorus; babbling t ...
画眉鸟类:  mavis画眉Garrulax canorus; babbling t ...鸟类birds
画眉科:  old world babblertimaliidae (babblers and parrotbills)
Example Sentences:
1.The perennial vegetation is expected to a . ordosica dominated and h . scoparium stably co - existed , together with an annual plant population of e . poaeoides and b . dasyphylla , which is greatly fluctuated with annual precipitation pattern
2.As a result of its high capability in interception of precipitation and enhanced evaporation of soil surface , the development of microbiotic crusts will more and more threaten the soil water condition which the artificial sand - fixing vegetation should rely on
3.The diet of the main dominat species of rodents allactaga sibirica in stipa breriflora steppe were studied in lhurihe sunit right banner inher mongolia by stomach content analysis the results showed that : 1 . the main diet of allactaga sibirica consisted of green stems and leaves , seeds , roots and withered plants and also consisted of some insects when plant biomass were lowev . 2 . ten species of plant were often selected by allactaga sibirica during the different periods allactaga sibirica always selected artemisia frigida , kochia prostrata , heteropappus altaicus , enneapogon borealis , eragrostis poaeoides . 3 . the plant diet composition were same at the same period when water content were same but the plant diet compositon were difteren at the ditlenent periods when whater content were different
研究结果表明: 1 .五趾跳鼠的主要食物组成由绿色茎叶、种子、根、枯黄植物组织等组成,在植被生物量较低时期也采食一些昆虫类食物; 2 .经常采食的植物种类有10种,其中在不同时期均喜食的植物有冷蒿、木地肤、阿尔泰紫菀、冠芒草、小画眉草等植物; 3 .在水分条件相似的同一时间段内植物性食物组成较稳定,而在水分条件不一致的各时间段内,食物组成比例差异较大; 4 .有较强的幼嫩植物组织选择和依赖性采食习性,且与放牧家畜存在较强的植物性食物资源竞争,因此是一种对草地植被破坏性和畜牧业危害均较大的鼠种。
4.The reproductive characteristics and population structure of artemisia ordosica , hedysantm scoparium , caragana korshinskii and the reproductive characteristics of annual plants eragrostis poaeoides and bassia dasyphylla were observed in shapotou artificial revegetation area . stability of the artificial vegetation was appraised from the views of its persistence and variability under local natural condition . the study showed that : the artificial - natural vegetation built with sandbreaks and plants is stable in shapotou area
通过对沙坡头人工固沙植被区主要建植种群柠条( caraganakorshinskii ) 、花棒( hedysarumscoparium )和油蒿( artemisiaordosica )的繁殖特性及种群结构的研究,以及自然侵入的一年生草本植物小画眉草( eragrostispoaeoides )和雾冰藜( bassiadasyphylla )繁殖特性的研究,探讨了在植被的持久性和变异性,分析评价了主要受恶劣环境压力下的人工固沙区植被的稳定性。
5.The species were separately caragana korshinskii hydysarum scoparim artemisia ordosica in shrubs layer , eragrostis poaeoides bassia dasyphylla in herbs layer , bryum argenteum barbula ditrichodies in microbiotic crusts layer . and the dominant species of them were artemisia ordosica eragrostis poaeoides bryum argenteum respectively . due to the different time and the topographical varieties in the fixing - sand region , the horizontal structure of artificial vegetation manifested out the mosaic characteristics
灌木片层的主要植物种是柠条( caraganakorshinskii ) 、花棒( hydysarumscoparim ) 、油蒿( artemisiaordosica )等灌木植物,其中优势种为油蒿;草本片层的主要植物种有小画眉草( eragrostispoaeoides ) 、雾冰藜( bassiadasyphylla )等,其中优势种是小画眉草;生物结皮由藻类和苔鲜类构成,其中,银叶真鲜( bryumargenteum夕为固沙植被区鲜类地被层优势成分。
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