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English translation for "刻划"

[ kèhuà ]
scorecarve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...delimit; differentiate

Related Translations:
刻地:  straightway刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...地the earth
酸刻:  acid embossing酸acid刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...
切刻:  inciseincising切correspond to; be close to刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...
刻蚀:  [地质学] sculpture; corrosion; mechanical erosion◇刻蚀法 etching method刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...蚀lose
刻比:  kirbkby刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...比2
刻标:  blaze刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...标Rockwell A scale
刻尽:  graduation devision刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...尽exhaust; finish
腐刻:  bite腐bean curd刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...
刻划痕迹的人:  scorer刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...划delimit; differentiate痕迹mark; vestige; imprint; impr ...的4次方是 The fourth power of 2 i ...人human being; man; person; pe ...
刻耳电池:  kernel kerr cell刻carve; engrave; cut; inscrib ...耳ear电池cell; battery; element; elec ...
Example Sentences:
1.The characters and their motives are round and deep .
2.Jane austen 's skill at characterization deserves our learning .
3.No cigarette should be used as a prop to depict an undesirable character .
4.We can do so from the very beginning during the making of the time scale .
5.A similar stylization is apparent in hawthorne's treatment of his characters .
6.It is the most difficult of all anthropological data on which to "draw" the old negro .
7.This flying beauty seemed to him imprinted on her brow, her hair, her lips, and in her eyes .
8. "you drew her portrait perfectly," said mr. harthouse. "presented her dead image. "
9.By translations and changes of scale the spectral subspaces associated with all discs can be characterized similarly .
10.Historians have long been puzzled by dots, lines and symbols which have been engraved on walls, bones, and the ivory tusks of mammoths .
Similar Words:
"刻画得淋漓尽致" English translation, "刻画入微" English translation, "刻画无盐,唐突西施" English translation, "刻画无盐唐突西施" English translation, "刻画英雄人物的形象" English translation, "刻划表面" English translation, "刻划刀" English translation, "刻划光栅" English translation, "刻划痕迹的人" English translation, "刻划器" English translation