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English translation for "划片"

[电学] scribing
◇划片机 scribing machinedelimit; differentiatea flat,thin piece; slice; fl ...

Related Translations:
划粉:  tailor's chalk划delimit; differentiate粉powder
一划:  stroll n./vsubdivision smaller grouor class produced by further dividing一one划delimit; differentiate
扫划:  wiping扫sweep; clear away划delimit; differentiate
冲划:  impact driven pile冲powerful; with vim and vigou ...划delimit; differentiate
负载划区:  load block负载load划delimit; differentiate区H region; H
企划案:  business caseproject planningproposal企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...划delimit; differentiate案table; desk
十字划像:  iris cross十字cross; cross-shaped,like let ...划delimit; differentiate像likeness; portrait; picture
笔划字符:  stroke characters笔划stroke字符character
划纹角:  dig in angle划delimit; differentiate纹lines; veins; grain角role; part; character
除划痕:  remove scratch除get rid of; eliminate; remov ...划痕scratch; score
Example Sentences:
1.General specification for automatic wheel scribing machine
2.In usual condition , the work system of alternation irrigation is adopted in the micro - irrigation system design . that is the farmers have no choice but to irrigating by turns
3.Subsequently , fusakichi shigemoto adjusted the length , thickness , frets and picks for the koto to produce the unique tone and sound quality that is now known as the tokyo koto
4.In microelectronic process , a large amount of stress which deteriorates performance of product is led in processes of slicing , lapping , edging , epi , diffusion , oxidizing , preparation of electrode and multilevel metallization , especially , process of wafer substrate
5.As natural and environment factors differs greatly in the region , practices to develop second and tertiary industry to realize adjustment of regional industrial structure , which thus promote regional economic status and better local people ' s living standard , should be based on locational condition and act accordingly
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