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English translation for "切身"

1.(跟自己有密切关系的) of immediate concern to oneself 短语和例子
2.(亲身) personal 短语和例子

Related Translations:
切身感受:  persnlicher eindruck切身of immediate concern to ones ...感受be affected by
切身利益:  immediate benefitimmediate interestsvital interests切身of immediate concern to ones ...利益interest; gain; benefit; pro ...
切身体会:  personal understandings切身of immediate concern to ones ...体会know from experience; learn ...
人民群众切身利益:  vital interests of the people人民群众the masses切身利益one's immediate or vital int ...
切身的问题:  problems of immediate concern personal切身of immediate concern to ones ...的4次方是 The fourth power of 2 i ...问题question; problem
切身之痛:  the pain of cutting one's body; sorrow which hits close at home切身of immediate concern to ones ...
群众切身的问题:  problems of immediate concern to the masses群众the masses; general public; ...切身的问题problems of immediate concer ...
我们切身体会不到伤痛吗:  can't we feel its wounds我们we切身体会personal understandings; int ...不a block of wood到39吗what
Example Sentences:
1.People behave in a fashion consistent with their own self-interest .
2.These lords tended to sit only in cases where they had a personal interest .
3.From time out of mind people have been baffled as to what may lie beyond their immediate experience .
4.Our vital interests were complementary, the penalty for independent action was overwhelming .
5.They would not in the end abandon their vital interests by succumbing to soviet blandishment .
6.It was in this tenement that the personality of my father first came fully into the orbit of my concern .
7.In fact , they only take care their own profits
8.My personal experience about prof . yang jun ' s teaching characteristics
9.Trust in me , pierre . i shall not forget your interests
10.We believe that your club must meet all your felt needs
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